Zero Two – Step-by-Step


Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on Patreon and I’m posting here too, I will show my process for making a fanart of the anime / manga character “Zero Two” “Darling in the Franxx”.

This fanart was inspired by a photo of the beautiful cosplayer Kalinka Fox. The sexy pose highlighting the curves and the way the light hits the latex uniform caught my attention. 

That was the step-by-step of my Zero Two fanart. If you want to have the illustration printed on any product, such as a t-shirt, mugs, stickers, and more, you can find it at my Teepublic store:

In Patreon you can find this and also the files in high definition. I plan to do a lot of step-by-step like this maybe some tutorials too and post there, some I’ll post here too, so if you are interested, just click the button below:

I hope you enjoyed. See you next time!!!